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Festival of Blessings At the Feet of God
The 30th Annual Gospel Convention "
O’ Lord your Deeds are Great

The 30th Annual Gospel Convention of Jesus Lives Evangelical Ministry was held in Colombo 07 on 14, 15, & 16th of March 2008 from 5.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Many thousand of people participated in this meeting and experienced the divine wonderful power of God, as many people received divine healing and deliverance from evil spirits. The divine messages were delivered by Evang; Prof: M. R Rajendram and Bro; Christy Rajendram. Many thousands of people participated from all over the Island and received the Divine Blessings of God. From 9th to 18th March an All Island Bible Seminar was held at Jesus Lives Church, and pastors came from India, France and pastors from Sri Lanka conducted the Studies in this Bible Seminar.

The special Guests who participated in this Annual Gospel Convention were the Mayor of Colombo Hon; Emthiyaz Mohamed, the Deputy Mayor of Colombo Hon; M.S. Rajendran, the western Provincial member Hon; C.P.Y Ram, and the former Deputy mayor of Colombo Hon; Assath Sally.

Leading the Choir Group was done by Sis; Anne Soloman Rajendram, and the choir group consisted of 400 persons and they did a splendid work.

All the Ground & stage lighting and sound system arrangements were made by Bro; Samuel B. Rajendram. All the works and Leaders and Believers gave their fullest co-operations for the grand success of this Convention.

All Praise Honor and Glory to the Almighty God for His grace for the success of this 30th Annual Convention.            

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